Monthly Archives: July 2012

A Different Kind of Competition at the Olympics

I love the Olympics – always have!  I am fortunate to have attended the 1972 Olympics in Munich where I was able to watch Mark Spitz swim (as a competitive swimmer at the time, that was a real treat!).   I also attended the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta.   So I’m truly excited about the next […]

Do scents make sense?

In my graduate marketing and global business strategy classes, we often talk about the power of scent and taste.   Many of us associate a certain smell or food with past events, and have a strong feeling about certain scents (I personally love chocolate, vanilla, lavender, just to name a few!) Marketers understand the power of […]

Great New App for International Travelers!

Just heard about a wonderful new app in the iPhone store called JPA iTraveler.   If you’re traveling overseas and need practical information to assist you on your business trip (or any trip!) be sure to check out this app.   The app covers 46 countries at last count and offers country history, key facts and business […]

Co-Branding Gone Too Far?

Last week I read an article in Time magazine on a Starbucks coffee shop opening up inside a funeral home.   While I appreciate that grieving family members and loved ones might need a little jolt of caffeine to carry them through visitation and the stress of saying goodbye to their loved one, I think this […]

Have you made a marketing move today?

The daily grind can sometimes consume you to the point that you’re not thinking about marketing your business.   But marketing should be a daily activity, and some things you can do only take a few minutes of your time!   Do you have a prospect list?  Make a call to at least one a day to […]