Do scents make sense?

In my graduate marketing and global business strategy classes, we often talk about the power of scent and taste.   Many of us associate a certain smell or food with past events, and have a strong feeling about certain scents (I personally love chocolate, vanilla, lavender, just to name a few!)

Marketers understand the power of scent as well, and are beginning to use it more and more to lure customers into purchasing mode.  For years, we’ve heard that Disney uses the wonderful smell of cinnamon buns to encourage visitors to purchase food at the parks.   A recent article on CNN’s website (Nose for business: Do scents make you spend?) looked at the growing trend of scent marketing in Asia and its use by companies not in the business of selling food.   For example, Oriental Watch Company is using a green tea scent and 2%, a clothing company catering to young girls, has commissioned a fruity bubble gum scent. 

In today’s competitive environment, every little bit of extra marketing may have a positive impact.

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