A Different Kind of Competition at the Olympics

I love the Olympics – always have!  I am fortunate to have attended the 1972 Olympics in Munich where I was able to watch Mark Spitz swim (as a competitive swimmer at the time, that was a real treat!).   I also attended the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta.   So I’m truly excited about the next two weeks! 

What’s not exciting to the International Olympic Committee are the “ambush marketers” who seek to capture some of the glory and excitement of the games by selling unofficial merchandise or advertising the Olympics without having paid to be a sponsor.  This year the fines are even steeper than before, in the hopes of keeping companies like Nike and others from profiting from the games when they have not paid for the privilege. 

Nike, one of the most egregious offenders in the past, today launched an amusing YouTube campaign titled “Find Your Greatness” which spoofs the “hype” around the Olympic games sponsorship just a bit (and is bound to stick in the craw of Adidas, an official sponsor). 

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