Monthly Archives: August 2012

Adult Fiction eBooks Outsold Hardcovers In 2011

According to the Huffington Post, for the first time ever, adult fiction eBooks outsold hardcover books last year.  Having worked with several authors to market their books over the years, this made us think:  how is book marketing going to change in the future because of this new trend?   It’s likely that not only adult […]

Has reality TV gone too far?

I read an open letter recently from several Nobel laureates, decrying the newest reality TV show to hit the airwaves – “Stars Earn Stripes.”  The commercials for this new show were hard to miss during the Olympic games, a time when countries come together to celebrate their athletes and form a true global community. As […]

Giving back to the community

At Cassel International, we are always looking for ways to give back to our community and to the world in general.  Eveyr year at Christmas, we choose a charity and give a donation to that charity in the name of each of our clients.   In the past few years, we’ve donated to Second Harvest Food […]