Adult Fiction eBooks Outsold Hardcovers In 2011

According to the Huffington Post, for the first time ever, adult fiction eBooks outsold hardcover books last year. 

Having worked with several authors to market their books over the years, this made us think:  how is book marketing going to change in the future because of this new trend?   It’s likely that not only adult fiction but ALL books may follow and be purchased online more than in a bookstore.   How does that affect printing companies, brick and mortar bookstores, editors, publishers, and authors?   Will the online craze create more and more self-published books, opening up the way for content not only devoured by but also created by the reader?  

Author Steven Johnson wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal several years about how e-books will change the way we read, write (and consume information in general!).   Interesting reading.

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