Are your e-mail campaigns optimized for mobile?

Smartphones are everywhere.   Chances are that you are reading this blog on a Smartphone. With more and more people conducting business by mobile, businesses better be sure that they are mobile as well!

According to Mike Hotz, a Senior Strategic Consultant with Responsys, “Marketers are seeing an average of 30 percent of emails opened on mobile devices, with this rate expected to climb to over 50 percent by the end of 2012.”

What does this mean for you?  Make sure your e-mail campaigns are easily readable on every device, including desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets and mobile phones.   

For some helpful tips on designing your e-mail campaigns accordingly, check out this article on Clickz.  

Me?  I use a great e-mail service called Emma.  She’s stylish, reasonably priced, and has the best customer service around!    My clients love the results, especially the robust reporting and response features which help them focus on the best prospects for their business.  

If you’re ready to take your e-mail campaigns to the next level, give us a call!


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