Monthly Archives: May 2013

Yes, Social Media is Working for Small Businesses!

Small Business Trends recently published an article which indicates that many small businesses are getting a return on their social media activities.   According to a survey released in April 2013 by Manta, who surveyed over 1,200 of their members, 39% of companies can calculate a positive ROI on their social media.  In fact, almost […]

How to create loyal customers

When was the last time you used a punch card at a retailer’s to log a purchase (I recently had my car washed, and have a Buy 10 Get One Free card – looking forward to my free car wash in a month or so!).  Or given your phone number to a retailer as you […]

The Perils of Discounting – Training Your Customers Wrong

The marketing mix, as everyone knows, consists of at least four “Ps” – product, price, place and promotion.   Newer schools of thought often include a fifth P – packaging.  And still others offer up more Ps – process, people, planning. But often, marketers focus on only one – price.   It’s easy to lower […]