How to create loyal customers

When was the last time you used a punch card at a retailer’s to log a purchase (I recently had my car washed, and have a Buy 10 Get One Free card – looking forward to my free car wash in a month or so!).  Or given your phone number to a retailer as you made a purchase to get your “points?” (Walgreen’s is one of my favorite; so is Panera Bread!)

Loyalty programs are one way that companies encourage repeat purchases, and long-term customer relationships.   This article from the SBA has some very good points on creating a successful customer loyalty program!     The SBA offers several good ideas, including:

  • Loyalty punch card
  • Opt-in program
  • Premium loyalty program
  • Branded loyalty membership cards
  • Carefully chosen incentives
  • Regular communication

Make 2013 the year your customers will want to come back time and again – not just for your excellent customer service and quality products, but for the incentives you provide!

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