Customer Expectations Relate to Satisfaction

customersatisfactionI have been thinking about this question recently: why and when are customers satisfied?   It has everything to do with their expectations!   If customers have a low expectation when they buy a product/service or frequent a retail shop or restaurant, they will have a high level of satisfaction if they have a good experience (as I recently did with Comcast).

If expectations are set high by the marketer in their advertising or marketing, then the product or service better live up to what they advertise!  If it does not, then customer satisfaction is bound to be low, because the customers’ expectations were not met.

I loved seeing the contrast between fast food ads and the photos of the actual product on this website.

Roger Hallowell with the Harvard Business School published a very interesting study on the relationship between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability – definitely worth the read!  Make sure your marketing is not setting you up for failure by raising your customers’ expectations beyond what you can deliver……

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