3D to the max!

3D has captured my imagination!   First, 3D printers – able to make accurate, small-scale working models of pretty much anything you want to manufacture or produce – a relatively inexpensive way to prove your concept and market test it!

I have clients using the Maker Bot and it’s fascinating!  The other day I saw them make a 3D nut and bolt to test with one of the products they manufacture – just a few hours time and voila!   Certainly a dream product for R&D teams who need rapid prototyping of new products!

Personally, I’d like a 3D chocolate printer!  Hershey recently unveiled their new 3D chocolate printer, produced in conjunction with 3D Systems.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, Think Geek introduced me to a 3Doodler – a 3D pen!   This is what they have to say about it:

  • “Just draw in the air and you’ll be printing with plastic.
  • Build anything your mind can make your hands draw.
  • Draw, design, fabricate, dream, conquer – you can do anything with a 3Doodler.”

This video will show you how it works…..  Yes, I think I have to have one……

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