How do you market funeral planning? Serious business or no?

I recently read a BBC article about funeral planning advertisements created by the Beyond creative agency in the UK, which were subsequently banned by Transport for London for being “likely to cause serious and widespread offence.”


I can understand the concept behind these ads – a little humor, or “edginess,” or even a touch of tongue-in-cheek can help to dispel the darkness of dealing with difficult issues such as death.   I also understand that some people might be offended.

In a blog post by Funeral One several years ago, the headline read “36 Ideas to Breathe Life into Your Funeral Home’s Marketing.”  Some might have perceived even that to be inappropriate.

Then there was ad from Just Cremations in Australia.  I have to admit – it’s catchy, it’s original, it’s cheeky (pun absolutely intended).


What do you think?  Is humor appropriate in advertising for serious matters like death?

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