Picking the right tagline or slogan

Every time I hear an advertising slogan for an unfamiliar product, I wonder how realistic it is.  Every product in a category cannot be the best in its category.

I recently came across a blog post from a Twitter friend of mine, Georg Gray, titled “Honest Slogans That Tell What People Really Think Of Popular Brands.

There are a number of these on the Internet (here are 40 from Digital Synopsis and Huffington Post).  Funny, especially the iTunes one shown below, but would these work as “real slogans?”


Using humor in your tagline, or in advertising in general, can work well, but it really depends on your brand.  Does humor accurately reflect your “brand promise?”   That’s the key. Certainly slogans and taglines need to be memorable, and funny ones often are, but they should also offer some insight into your product or service benefits, and at least hint at how your product differs from others on the market.

This Hubspot article takes a look at 22 companies with easily recognizable catchy slogans and taglines.   Take a look at some of the stores behind these iconic slogans:  Got Milk?  Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.  Can you hear me now?  Just Do It (oddly not prominent on Nike’s website, but instantly identifiable).

What’s your favorite tagline or slogan?

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