There’s An App for That…

I use apps on my Smartphone for so many things every single day.  Checking social media, looking for a good show on TV, finding out what’s playing at the local movie, discovering a new restaurant, getting directions, and even messaging my congressional representatives to tell them how I feel about their votes.

Never in a million years did I think I would see an app that the FDA approved as a contraceptive.  But here we are.  Natural Cycles is “cleared by FDA and CE marked in Europe as a medical device intended to be used for birth control (contraception).”  Although other forms of birth control are recommended for the first few months of use while the app “learns” your body temperature fluctuations, this “fertility awareness” algorithm can eventually predict when users are most fertile.  Clinical studies have shown that it is 93% effective.

What’s next?  An app to find people in your area willing to cuddle?  Nope, that already exists (apparently not very successful, Spoonr is no longer available).  Keeping track of places you’ve, ahem, pooped?  Nope, that’s already here too.   Pimple popping game?  An app to tell you when you go can go pee in a movie and not miss anything?  Nope, all already available (along with some other really weird apps….)

What’s an app you could use that’s not available?  Let me know in the comments…

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