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The Importance of Small Business to the Global Economy

The Importance of Small Business to the Global Economy According to this report from the OECD,  small businesses contribute almost 50% of all exports worldwide, and that number is expected to continue growing. In addition, globalEDGE reports that “small businesses account for 60 to 70 percent of jobs in the economies of developed countries and […]

Nosotros hablamos en serio! (Mexico is open for business!)

If you haven’t looked at Mexico recently as a potential place to do business, you are missing the boat!  According to a newsletter I just received from FITA (the Federation of International Trade Associations), Mexico’s health report card is quite good these days, with a growing middle class and a relatively strong GDP growth rate […]

Do scents make sense?

In my graduate marketing and global business strategy classes, we often talk about the power of scent and taste.   Many of us associate a certain smell or food with past events, and have a strong feeling about certain scents (I personally love chocolate, vanilla, lavender, just to name a few!) Marketers understand the power of […]

Great New App for International Travelers!

Just heard about a wonderful new app in the iPhone store called JPA iTraveler.   If you’re traveling overseas and need practical information to assist you on your business trip (or any trip!) be sure to check out this app.   The app covers 46 countries at last count and offers country history, key facts and business […]