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3D to the max!

3D has captured my imagination!   First, 3D printers – able to make accurate, small-scale working models of pretty much anything you want to manufacture or produce – a relatively inexpensive way to prove your concept and market test it! I have clients using the Maker Bot and it’s fascinating!  The other day I saw […]

The convenience of online shopping with instant gratification!

My students in a graduate marketing class at University of Phoenix recently discussed how online shopping could more closely mimic shopping in-store.  One thing we all agreed on was that one major benefit of in-store shopping is the ability to get your item immediately. I could NOT believe it when I read this article this week about […]

Adult Fiction eBooks Outsold Hardcovers In 2011

According to the Huffington Post, for the first time ever, adult fiction eBooks outsold hardcover books last year.  Having worked with several authors to market their books over the years, this made us think:  how is book marketing going to change in the future because of this new trend?   It’s likely that not only adult […]