2013 is almost over and it’s time for marketers to start focusing on what they will do in 2014 – hard to believe (today I am working on a 2014 client marketing budget. Recently read an article on Business 2 Community that looked at some brand trends for next year.   The article makes some […]

Are we overstimating the importance of social media in marketing? With all the hoopla about the importance of social media in the marketing world today, I was surprised to see this article – http://mashable.com/2013/11/30/black-friday-statistics/ – showing that although Black Friday sales apparently hit a new record for 2013, only 1% of online sales could be directly attributed […]

Familiar with the French-based bottled water company?  Thanks to Mercedes Erra, one of the founders of the French ad agency BETC Euro RSCG,  Evian‘s commercial featuring roller-skating babies grooving to the hip-hop classic “Rapper’s Delight” holds the Guinness World Record for the most-viewed brand video. The video was viewed online more than 75 million times […]

I recently saw a blog article on Seth’s Blog about why people make impulse purchases when items are on sale.   He maintains that people buy on sale to get the “joy of a bargain,” and that the item itself is secondary.  (Aside:  Seth says that more a billion people have never purchased anything on sale…..hard […]

An “Everlasting Telegram” Today I signed up for an Evergram account.  With everyone taking video on their iPhones and Androids on a regular basis, and YouTube continuing to be one of the most popular search engines in the world, Evergram should be successful with their cool concept – now you can create videos for viewing […]

Small Business Trends recently published an article which indicates that many small businesses are getting a return on their social media activities.   According to a survey released in April 2013 by Manta, who surveyed over 1,200 of their members, 39% of companies can calculate a positive ROI on their social media.  In fact, almost […]

When was the last time you used a punch card at a retailer’s to log a purchase (I recently had my car washed, and have a Buy 10 Get One Free card – looking forward to my free car wash in a month or so!).  Or given your phone number to a retailer as you […]

The marketing mix, as everyone knows, consists of at least four “Ps” – product, price, place and promotion.   Newer schools of thought often include a fifth P – packaging.  And still others offer up more Ps – process, people, planning. But often, marketers focus on only one – price.   It’s easy to lower […]

Smartphones are everywhere.   Chances are that you are reading this blog on a Smartphone. With more and more people conducting business by mobile, businesses better be sure that they are mobile as well! According to Mike Hotz, a Senior Strategic Consultant with Responsys, “Marketers are seeing an average of 30 percent of emails opened […]

The Importance of Small Business to the Global Economy According to this report from the OECD,  small businesses contribute almost 50% of all exports worldwide, and that number is expected to continue growing. In addition, globalEDGE reports that “small businesses account for 60 to 70 percent of jobs in the economies of developed countries and […]